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June 16, 2020

Global Market Sees Increased Cryptocurrency Interest as Crypto Betting Sites Thrive

Bitcoin Press Release: Leading cryptocurrency aggregator CoinmarketCap has released a report detailing a surge in crypto Interest across both age and regional demographics. This recent adoption was aided by the resurgence...
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Why It’s “Increasingly Unlikely” Bitcoin Crashes Under $7,000: Analyst Explains

As Bitcoin has stalled in the $8,000s and $9,000s over recent weeks, certain analysts have begun to expect a strong move lower. One top trader went as far as to...
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Bitcoin Avoids Forming a Death Cross; Instead Confirms Bullish Triangle Pattern

Bitcoin’s sharp decline seen yesterday put it in peril of losing its macro technical strength and seeing even further downside The cryptocurrency has been able to largely invalidate this weakness,...
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Bitcoin recovers above $9,500: can it break resistance at $10,500?

Bitcoin price is up over 4% as buyers recover from yesterday’s dip to $8,900 Bitcoin broke below a crucial support level on Monday morning, before an afternoon rally, correlated to...
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Limitless Bailouts: US Federal Reserve Announces Billion-Dollar Corporate Bond Purchase Program

During the last three months, the U.S. Federal Reserve has created a system of monetary avarice, as the central bank can literally do whatever it wants with zero oversight. The...
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Ethereum Forms Ascending Channel, But Bears Aren’t Out of the Woods Yet

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, has been able to recapture its previous trading range and put some serious distance between its current price and its recent lows The crypto market has been...
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Here are the Simple Reasons Why Bitcoin May Soon Explode Past $10,500

After a brief break below $9,000 earlier this week, Bitcoin has been able to post a strong rebound from these lows, now navigating back up towards $9,600 This climb seen...
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Virtual Panda BTM Launched for Colombian Residents: Dispenses BTC, BCH, DAI, and Dash

The CEO of Panda Group and the founder of Colombia’s Panda Exchange and physical Panda BTM terminals, Arley Lozano, recently revealed a new product called The new service is...
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The Fed’s Latest Stimulus Is Ironically Fueling Bitcoin’s Continued Rise

News that the Trump administration is considering a second round of economic stimulus has caused markets to surge, including Bitcoin. The asset’s entire uptrend from the Black Thursday bottom has...
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Bitcoin Whale Population Spikes to 1,882 – Highest Level in Three Years

The number of so-called whales with 1,000 bitcoin or more in their wallets has climbed to 1,882 from around 1,650 in January. It is the highest the numbers have reached...
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Bitcoin News

Bears look to pull Bitcoin down to $8,600 as Bollinger Bands tighten their squeeze
July 3, 2020By
Bears look to pull Bitcoin down to $8,600 as Bollinger Bands tighten their squeeze
July 3, 2020By
Zap’s Strike Moves to Public Beta
July 3, 2020By

Ethereum News

Irish Charity Receives $1.1M Grant to Build Blockchain Platform for Aid Distribution
July 4, 20200
DeFi Insurer Nexus Mutual Maxed Out by Yield-Farming Boom
July 2, 20200

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