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June 25, 2020

Review:’s Ruby Steel Prepaid Visa Card

A number of members in the cryptocurrency community, typically people who are paid in crypto assets, have tried a myriad of prepaid cards that can be credited with digital currencies...
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These 3 On-Chain Levels Will Provide Bitcoin With Support as Price Crashes

Bitcoin’s strength didn’t last for long. After attempting to run past the resistance around $10,000 on Monday, the cryptocurrency strongly reversed. On Wednesday, BTC fell as low as $8,950 —...
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Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Claims He’s Autistic, Judge Tosses Out Sanctions Against Craig Wright

The Kleiman v. Wright case is seemingly headed to trial on July 6, 2020, after Judge Beth Bloom ruled against the Kleiman’s attempt to levy sanctions against Craig Wright, the...
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As Jobless Claims Soar, Bitcoin’s Mid-Term Outlook Remains Gloomy

The United States has seen rocketing unemployment, and it does not appear that this trend is slowing down even as many states and cities begin reopening This signals that the...
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Wirecard $2 Billion Scandal: Firm Files for Insolvency, Ex-CEO Arrested, User Funds Safe

Scandal-hit crypto card issuer Wirecard AG, a firm that has filed for insolvency because of its missing $2.1 billion – but customer funds appear to be safe, for now. The...
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Ethereum Narrowly Avoids a Breakdown; Here are the Levels to Watch

Ethereum and the entire cryptocurrency market faced some turbulence yesterday as Bitcoin declined beneath its range lows of $9,000 This movement proved to be short-lived, as the buying pressure found...
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US Senators Introduce ‘Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act’ — With Backdoor Mandate

US lawmakers have introduced the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act to ensure law enforcement can access encrypted information. This bill is “a full-frontal nuclear assault on encryption in the...
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Why Tomorrow’s $1B Bitcoin Options Expiry May Not Trigger Any Volatility

Tomorrow, $1 billion worth of monthly and quarterly Bitcoin options will be expiring This will be the largest options expiry that BTC has ever seen Some analysts believe that the...
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As Global Tensions Grow, Bitcoin Price May Go Higher

BTC Surged Again as A Safe Haven Asset During Global Tensions India – China Border Conflict After weeks of squabbling and brawling along their long-disputed border, hundreds of Indian and...
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Bitcoin Cash-Fueled Blogging Website Raises Over $100K for Collective Initiative

A few months ago reported on the web portal, a blogging website fueled by bitcoin cash that rewards users in crypto for producing content. Just recently, initiated...
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Bitcoin News

Bears look to pull Bitcoin down to $8,600 as Bollinger Bands tighten their squeeze
July 3, 2020By
Bears look to pull Bitcoin down to $8,600 as Bollinger Bands tighten their squeeze
July 3, 2020By
Zap’s Strike Moves to Public Beta
July 3, 2020By

Ethereum News

Irish Charity Receives $1.1M Grant to Build Blockchain Platform for Aid Distribution
July 4, 20200
DeFi Insurer Nexus Mutual Maxed Out by Yield-Farming Boom
July 2, 20200

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