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Lightning Network Increasingly Fragile to Attacks – Hope Turns to Drivechain for Bitcoin Scaling

A report published February 7 and authored in part by Blockstream researcher Christian Decker found that the BTC Lightning Network is “evolving towards an increasingly centralised architecture.” Proponents of LN...
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India’s Election Commission Developing Blockchain System for Voting

The Election Commission of India is collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology to develop a blockchain system for voting, the Chief Election Commissioner has reportedly revealed. The new system...
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Blockchair Launches Release Monitor so You Will Never Miss Another Hard Fork or Core Client Update

It can be very hard to keep track of all the latest software upgrades in the crypto ecosystem, which is a crucial thing to do for developers of multi-coin projects...
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Governments and Enterprises Can’t Get Enough of Blockchain

Governments have long been wary of Bitcoin, while expressing admiration for its innovative ledger system. This trend can be traced back till 2014, when the “blockchain not bitcoin” mantra was...
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More BS on Lightning: Blockstream Pours Liquid on Thick

Blockstream reps have long been pushing for full implementation of the perpetually-delayed Lightning Network as the main solution for BTC scalability. With the recent announcement of “federated sidechain” Liquid’s integration...
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Polkadot Will Finally Launch This Year – But Is the Multi-Chain Network too Late to Catch Ethereum?

Remember Polkadot? It’s the multi-chain network that raised $145 million in 2017 and hasn’t been seen since. But unlike many of the blockchain projects from that era, Polkadot hasn’t taken...
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Indian Minister Inaugurates Blockchain Center of Excellence in Bengaluru

A Centre of Excellence in Blockchain Technology has been inaugurated by Indian Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in Bengaluru. It will facilitate various government departments in their blockchain work, leading...
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How Is Bitcoin Cash Different From Bitcoin Core?

The crypto space can be hard to break into for those unfamiliar with the jargon, lingo, and foundational knowledge taken for granted by the already initiated. Adding to this difficulty...
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Blockchain Tops the List of Most In-Demand Tech Skills for 2020

If you are planning to start a new career this year, or just improve your value in the jobs market, the best thing that you can do is acquire some...
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Ticker Tool Uses the BCH Blockchain to Provide Reliable Rate Data

Instantly verifiable, unhackable and forever retrievable are some of the key features of information stored on a blockchain. These are also the characteristics that traders of various assets, commodities and...
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