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Swapzone add Bitcoin SV (BSV) capacity

Almost every week more and more exchanges, aggregators and projects are using BSV. Swapzone is an exchange aggregator working with non-custodial instant cryptocurrency swap services. They now also list BSV,...
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‘Passwordless Login’ Startup Magic Raises $4M From Naval Ravikant, Placeholder

The blockchain industry desperately needs password solutions that aren’t such a royal pain in the neck. That’s why the San Francisco-based startup Magic just raised a $4 million seed round...
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RICO reversible ICOs are live now!

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have more or less had their day. The opportunity to collect a lot of capital in a short time by issuing new coins was considered the...
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Bitcoin Association opens registration for third BSV Hackathon

Today, Bitcoin Association officially announces and opens registration for its third BSV Hackathon competition for developers, with $100,000 in cash prizes (payable in Bitcoin SV) staked for the winners. Following...
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Colombia, Deloitte, ConsenSys Sign On to WEF’s ‘Blockchain Bill of Rights’

The token economy just gained an organized structure for collaborating with world leaders.  The World Economic Forum revealed its Presidio Principles on Friday, a “blockchain bill of rights,” according to...
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As more exchanges list Bitcoin SV (BSV), more projects are built on the BSV chain and more people want to buy BSV, because it is one of the best performing...
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Calvin Ayre invests in True Reviews: a new take on consumer review sites built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain

A big problem with consumer review sites is that it’s hard to know for certain the authenticity of a review.  A negative review could come from a competitor, somebody with...
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Attacks on high-performance computers by crypto miners?

Numerous high-performance data centers are online after attacks. Evidence points to crypto mining. After the attacks on various high-performance data centers of research institutions, there is speculation about the background....
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Onecoin: News from the biggest crypto scam so far

One of the co-founders of the alleged cryptocurrency Onecoin appears to have been in custody in the United States for a long time. The brother of the “crypto-queen” continues to...
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Blockchain Technology That Combines Cryptography and Decentralized

Peer-to-peer exchange has a bright future ahead of it. It opens the way to the “internet of transactions” and is preparing to shape the web of tomorrow and revolutionize the...
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